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The saoz decanter (Y type Floating) is used to remove supernatant from decanting/aeration tanks after the residual solids have settled. The saoz decanter holds above the surface of the water and after a predetermined amount of time has passed, and adequate settling of the residual solids is achieved a control panel activates the Saoz decanter. The clarified water is then drawn down from a fixed distance below the top of the residual solids and collected in a filter tank and pumped to the filter system. The saoz decanter assembly and reclaim motor will remove the supernatant without disturbing the layer of accumulated residual solids below and floating substances above and also improving the filter system life.

Saoz Decanter

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The saoz decanter assembly is constructed solely of materials (316L/304 SS) proven to withstand corrosion caused by submersion in water containing metal oxides, chlorine, and other residual solids. The saoz decanter body will be designed to fit through the top tank hatch. The body must be flush welded at all seams to create a water tight enclosure. All penetrations through the body of the saoz decanter joints shall be filled with silicon to retain the water tight seal.

Saoz Decanter

The saoz decanter has four (4) legs to ensure that it is completely self-supporting while free standing at low water levels or in an empty tank. Each leg will have a permanent rubber cap attached at the bottom to prevent damage to the tank floor. The saoz decanter will remain level on all planes regardless of the water level in the tank. The saoz decanter assembly will allow the connection to move freely rather than causing the saoz decanter to rotate and possibly overturn.

Saoz Decanter

The saoz decanter, once installed, shall only require annual visual inspection to ensure that all of the components remain in proper working condition and that all hose clamps are tightly secured and output draw tube for any leakage.

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