Water & Waste water treatment Panels

Our company has established itself as a leading manufacturer and trader of superior quality STP/ETP/WATER TREATMENT CONTROL Panels. Users can select the number of PUMPS/RELAY needed. The panel interior provides the mounting framework for the system’s relays, power supply, and the optional automation modules (PLC). Users can select the panel configuration with up to 2 to 12 or more relays, depending on the size and complexity of its application. Panel size will depend up on no of relays- automatic or manual.
We are familiar with DO sensor input module, limit switch, float switch, Micro controller based relay, pneumatic control valves, solenoid valves, motorized butterfly valves, stepper motor control drives, VFD Control, Dc drives,
Low-voltage switching platform
User-selectable number of installed relays/pumps
Direct control of individual relays by switches or occupancy sensors
Automatic PLC controlled Panels


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